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Water coolers Filtration | Filtered water cooler |Office water filters
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Water coolers Filtration | Filtered water cooler |Office water filters
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Water coolers Filtration | Filtered water cooler |Office water filters
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Info Centre

May uwater150 iPad Mini Winner
Our May Promotion has concluded and we are very pleased to announce that Pitcher Partners in Victoria are the winners of the Wi-Fi 16GB iPad Mini.  Congratulations!  In fact, the uwater150 hot and cold filtered water service is scoring so well against traditional rivals with its robust and reliable design, that all our customers are on a winning streak!.  Well Done.
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MARCH Promotion iPad Mini Winner!
Unlimited Water had another amazing month with lots of positive feedback from our new and existing customers about their filtered water services. Thank you.  There has been lots of excitement around the iPad Mini, everyone is keen to get their hands on it, so without further delay we are pleased to announce the winner for the Month of March 2013 is Market First Property Consulting in Melbourne.  Congratulations.
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HOT FEB Promotion - iPad Mini Winner!
We had an overwhelming response to our February promotion and have introduced lots of fantastic new customers to the benefits and savings provided by Unlimited Water′s premium filtered water systems. However, there was only one HOT FEB iPad winner and our congratulations go to The Ladybugs Daycare Centre in NSW. Enjoy your brand new filtered water service and your Wi-Fi 16GB iPad Mini !!

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How to Disinfect Water Coolers
Water coolers characteristically fall into any one of the two classes: bottled and bottleless. As time has progressed, the look of a standard dispenser has also changed quite a lot.
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How Does Filtered Water Consumption Boost Productivity at Your Workplace
Many employees feel energised after drinking a cup of coffee or any caffeinated drink. While the drink sure boosts their energy levels, it may also be a contribution to more dehydration
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Using Office Water Coolers has many Benefits
Whether it is your office or your home, nothing can replace the importance of a glass of cold water. Water not only hydrates the body, but also refreshes a person and makes him energetic again.

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