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Water Dispensers

A water dispenser to meet your needs.
Unlimited Water has a water dispenser to suit any workplace, with a huge range of filtered water dispenser systems, you will find the perfect unit to meet the needs of your company. Whether you need a freestanding water cooler, an under sink hot and cold water dispenser, a smaller benchtop unit or a boiling or chilled only system we have all your options covered.

Water dispensers are simple to use and are fully installed by our licensed plumbers and technicians who lay a straightforward, out-of-sight connection to the main water supply and a flexible, durable food-grade line connects to wherever you choose to position your water cooler dispenser. Most coolers can easily be placed anywhere in the workplace, whether it be in the kitchen, staff room, boardroom, or reception. Essentially, anywhere you wish.

Hot and cold water dispensers are very convenient for the workplace, taking up very little room. Some models require no more room than the floor space of a phone book. All of our units are fitted with our very own premium multi-stage water filters to ensure you get the finest filtered drinking water and highest quality with no compromise.

All of our systems come with a service plan that hygienically maintains the water dispenser and includes filter changes to ensure that the water tastes great at all times.

Call our friendly customer service staff today on 1300 720 820 to have a chat about the various benefits of each system and find the best product to suit your company. We have a huge range of options and can help you choose a pricing package to suit your budget. Alternatively, simply fill out a web enquiry form and we’ll contact you.