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Water Dispensers

A water dispenser to meet your needs.
Unlimited Water have a filtered water dispenser system to meet your company’s needs.
Every option from the stand alone water cooler dispenser to an undersink hot and cold water dispenser. We also provide bench top and chiller undersink units.

Most water dispensers can be placed virtually anywhere in the workplace – starting from Kitchens, Staff rooms, Boardrooms, Reception and Office areas to Hallways, Production areas, Factories and Warehouses - just a simple ‘out of sight’ connection to the mains water supply, and a flexible food-grade line runs to where the water dispenser is placed.

Unlimited Water dispensers usually only require the floor space of a phone book (or benchtop space in a kitchenette).

All our units are fitted with our premium multi-stage water filters to ensure you get the finest filtered drinking water, quality sustained, always...

For all the information you need to get the best system to meet the needs of your office staff , give our customer service staff a call on 1300 720 820 they will talk to you about the benefits of each system and give you a pricing package to suit your budget. Or simply fill in the web enquiry form and we will contact you!