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Water Filtration Systems

It’s a simple process: Rainwater > to reservoirs > to mains pipes > to hi-tech water filtration > to your office drinking fountains > to your staff ... to their work performance ... to your bottom line!

the Filtered Water Cooler with No Bottles
Office drinking water fountains are expected to be a staff support facility at most businesses, not another item for staff to tend to... Enter Unlimited water: we do it all, you just drink filtered water (and do your work, refreshed and hydrated).
  • Auto-refill water cooler
  • Premium water filters
  • User friendly: admin free
  • Water filtering at the ‘point-of-use’: fresh, clean, Tastes Great!

With a simple mains connection, Unlimited Water puts freshly filtered water on tap at your office.

It’s a fully maintained, all-inclusive service package:
- Water filtering system, fully maintained
- Sanitisation service visits (Quality System monitored)
- Replacement water filters
- maintenance call-outs
…plus all the filtered water you can drink!

It’s Office Water filtration, streamlined
We’ve got a water filter system to fit your company’s needs. There are free-standing chillers
and bench top dispensers, with a footprint just the size of a phonebook, simply connected
and placed virtually anywhere by our expert installers. We’ve an
integral under-the-sink system too: hot and cold filtered water, at work, for your organisation.

And all our products are fitted with our premium multi-stage water filters to ensure you get the finest filtered drinking water, quality sustained, always...

Premium Water Filtration
the drinking water starts its journey from one of Australia’s catchment reservoirs then travels through the mains system to your building, where we ‘clean’ the water with our Multi-Stage Filtration system. The result is clear, freshly filtered water that TASTES GREAT whilst retaining the goodness of existing minerals

Unlimited Water’s water filter configuration specifically treats the mains water supplies of Australia’s capital cities – whereby chlorine is added, and dirt, rust and other impurities can find their way into the water downstream from the source reservoirs. Our multi-stage water filters remove these chemicals and impurities together with heavy metal removal and microbiological control, to produce clean, fresh, food grade drinking water that’s great tasting, whilst retaining the goodness of existing minerals.

Uncompromising filter systems
Corners are not cut at the Unlimited Water filtration department. We have systems in place, and expert technicians committed to the cause of best quality water filtering. Unlimited Water Filters
are manufactured and tested in accordance with NSF International (the world's independent standards authority for drinking water systems) and water filter usage is managed in line with
these International (and Australian) standards. Unlimited Water filtration quality is best-of-field,
and you can expect the water that your staff drink to be cool, clean and fresh from the first cup
you pour, to weeks, months of daily drinking, and in turn over years as the Unlimited water
filtration service maintains the standard: ongoing, without compromise.

Testament to the quality Unlimited Water filtering and service is the fact that our many
Thousands of Australian Corporate Customers, and their 100,000’s of employees continue
to enjoy drinking from Unlimited Water Coolers, at their workplace, every day!

SGS NSF Water Quality Association
A Simple Upgrade: Seamless Installation
To get Unlimited Water, just 6 easy Steps:
  1. Your Call or Web Enquiry, which will be met with a prompt response by a Customer Service Team member
  2. the Free (no obligation) site assessment is just a quick look at your water supply
  3. We then provide recommendation and Proposal including pricing
  4. You make your decision
  5. Installation can be booked for within a day or two, and our expert installers will have Unlimited Water on tap within about an hour on site.  A simple ‘out of sight’
    connection to the mains water supply, and we run flexible food-grade water line to
    where the cooler is placed – Office areas, Kitchens, Staff rooms, Reception, the
    Boardroom, in Hallways, Production areas, and Factories. Our Coolers  require just
    the floor space of a phone book
    (or benchtop space in a kitchenette), and our Installers are Licensed Plumbers who
    use Quality System procedures and certified parts in line with Australian &
    International standards
  6. You and your Staff are ‘on-tap’ with freshly filtered water at work
  7. ...and, enjoy improved Productivity, Savings and OH&S as Unlimited Water filtration
    goes to work adding Value for your business. 

Simple, isn’t it.   We’re on 1300 720 820 and right behind the web enquiry form, ready to help
you (simply contact us now)

Water Coolers, Dispensers & drinking fountains
Various configurations of drinking water fountains, water dispensers, chillers & coolers are available in the event of
custom requirements – water bubbler drinking fountain, under-sink boiling & chilled filtered water systems – all with water filtering included. Suitability for remote water supply access, factory or production area usage and so on.

Our Water coolers and dispensers can be placed virtually anywhere in the workplace – starting from Kitchens, Staff rooms, Boardrooms, Reception and Office areas to Hallways, Production areas, Factories and Warehouses - just a simple ‘out of sight’ connection to the mains water supply, and a flexible food-grade line runs to where the water cooler is placed. Unlimited Water filters & coolers only require the floor space of a phone book (or benchtop space in a kitchenette)